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Q. How Can Flight Watcher Help You?
Q. What is Flight Watcher?
Q. Can I schedule alerts to be delivered to my email address or mobile phone?
Q. How accurate is your information?
Q. Can I track international flights?
Q. Can Flight Watcher provide me with arrival and departure gates?
Q. Do you offer discounts for an infant or a child?
Q. If I sign up for text alerts, will I be charged for the incoming texts?
Flight Delay Notifications
Q. If my flight is delayed, how will you contact me?
Q. Is your data accurate?
Q. Can you tell me more about why my flight was delayed?
Cancellation Notification
Q. I need to get on the next available flight. What should I do once I receive a cancellation notification?
Q. How can you be sure my flight was cancelled?
Q. Why was my flight cancelled?
Terminal and Gate Change Notifications
Q. How will I know that there’s been a terminal or gate change?
Q. Is your information up to date?
Q. I have a question on my gate or terminal change. Who can I contact?
Online Check-In Link / Airport Weather Information
Q. What exactly is the online check-in link?
Q. What’s the easiest way to find out about my airport’s weather conditions?
Q. The weather doesn’t look so great outside, but I haven’t received any alerts. Should I be concerned?